Arijit Singh: The Soulful Voice of Bollywood


In the Indian music industry, Arijit Singh is a name that requires no introduction. He is renowned for having a soulful, beautiful voice that has won over millions of followers all over the world. Arijit Singh, a singer, composer, and music producer, was born on April 25, 1987, and he has had a significant impact on the Bollywood music scene. He is currently one of the most in-demand vocalists in India and has received numerous honours and awards for his achievements.

Childhood and Career

Born and raised in Jiaganj, Murshidabad, West Bengal, Arijit Singh. His mother was Bengali, while his father was Punjabi. He developed an early interest in music and began formal music instruction at the age of three. His first music instructor was his maternal grandmother, a classical vocalist. Later, he received instruction from fellow classical musicians Rajendra Prasad Hazari and Birendra Prasad Hazari.

When Arijit Singh took part in the reality programme Fame Gurukul in 2005, he began his musical career. Even though he didn’t win the competition, he became known for his talent and began receiving offers to sing in motion pictures. In 2011, the song “Phir Mohabbat” from the film Murder 2 served as his Bollywood debut. Arijit Singh became well-known as a result of the song’s immediate success.

Increased Fame

With the release of the song “Tum Hi Ho” from the film Aashiqui 2, Arijit Singh made his breakthrough in 2013. The song was a huge smash and became the national anthem for lovers everywhere. The crowd responded to Arijit Singh’s soulful voice and the song’s emotive lyrics, which propelled him to overnight popularity. Arijit Singh became the preferred singer for Bollywood directors and music producers after the song garnered numerous accolades and nominations.

Songs like “Kabira” from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, “Muskurane Ki Wajah” from Citylights, “Samjhawan” from Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania, and “Channa Mereya” from Ae Dil Hai Mushkil all contributed to Arijit Singh’s sustained popularity. His voice grew to be associated with love and heartache, and his followers couldn’t get enough of him.

Arijit Singh’s Distinctive Design

Arijit Singh stands apart from other singers thanks to the distinctive sound of his voice. His voice is calming, deep, and brimming with feeling. The audience can feel every word he sings because of his innate talent to make them experience the emotions of a song through his voice. He can sing both types of music with equal ease, and his style is a fusion of classical and contemporary music.

Arijit Singh is renowned for being a versatile singer. With equal elegance, he can sing love songs, melancholy songs, and even upbeat dance songs. He can effortlessly hit the high notes and has a vast vocal range. What distinguishes him as a singer is his capacity for improvisation and the addition of his own special touch to a song.

Awards and citations

Arijit Singh has received numerous honours and awards for his contributions to the music industry. In addition to winning nine Mirchi Music Awards and one National Film Award for Best Male Playback Singer for the song “Binte Dil” from the film Padmaavat, he has also won six Filmfare Awards. Along with these accolades, he also received the MTV India Music Award for Best Male Singer and the prestigious RD Burman Award for New Music Talent.

Arijit Singh has worked with international artists like DJ Paroma and Michael Bolton in addition to his work in Bollywood. He has also provided his voice for a number of regional films. His live performances are usually a treat for his fans, and he has also participated in a number of music festivals and concerts both in India and overseas.

Bollywood music industry’s effects

The Bollywood music business has greatly benefited from Arijit Singh. His deep voice has given Bollywood music a fresh perspective and transformed the genre. He has established a new standard for vocal quality and encouraged many aspiring young singers to pursue their passion for music.

His success has also given independent musicians and vocalists who are now appreciated for their talent more possibilities. Arijit Singh has worked with a number of indie performers and assisted them in expanding their fan bases.

Individual Life

Being a private person, Arijit Singh avoids media attention in his personal life. His childhood sweetheart, Koel Roy, and he are now married and have two children together. He is a straightforward individual who enjoys spending time with his loved ones.


In addition to being a gifted musician, Arijit Singh is also a humanitarian. He has financially supported organisations that aim to improve society and donated to a number of charity initiatives. He has also used his talent to help those in need by performing at a number of charity events.


Unquestionably, one of India’s most gifted and well-liked vocalists today is Arijit Singh. Millions of people around the world have fallen in love with his soulful voice, and he has made an incomparable contribution to the Bollywood music scene. He has raised the bar for vocal excellence and encouraged many aspiring young vocalists to follow their dreams in the music industry. Arijit Singh continues to wow his listeners with his soulful voice, and his success is a monument to the strength of talent, hard work, and dedication.

The Indian music business has grown to rely heavily on Arijit Singh’s music. His distinctive look and deep voice have established him as a household celebrity and a fan favourite. Inspiring many young singers to follow in his footsteps, he has received numerous honours and prizes for his work.

The music of Arijit Singh has the ability to unite people by touching their hearts. He is a unique singer because he can express emotions with his voice, and he has made significant contributions to the Bollywood music scene. Millions of followers all throughout the world will still find joy and inspiration in his music, and his legacy will endure for many more years.

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